Chicken Slaughtering Ritual In ‘Spirit’ Video Reported To BCCSA!

Chicken Slaughtering Ritual In ‘Spirit’ Video Reported To BCCSA! It had been an amazing beginning of the year for Kwesta with his music video for “Spirit'” being one of the most played videos in SA Hip Hop.

The Video came out 2 weeks ago and has been doing well since the day of release. This is because of the way he was able to depict the culture of South Africans through their lifestyle. The video was shot in Katlehong which is the neighborhood that Kwesta grew up in.

It’s praises did not last long before the BCCSA received a complaint about the video. A viewer was offended by a ritual that was performed in the video whereby a Chicken is being slaughtered.

“The BCCSA has officially received a complaint about a scene in the where a chicken is being slaughtered, as part of a ritual. Let’s hope it’s dismissed otherwise, we’re being called savages…” tweeted Kwesta reacting to the complaint.

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