‘I Ain’t In It For Money,’ Says Emtee

'I Ain't In It For Money,' Says Emtee

‘I Ain’t In It For Money,’ Says Emtee! Emtee has a history with his haters telling him that he is broke on social media. The rapper recently spoke on his views on money and how he feels about the amount of money that he has.

This all came after the Corner Store hitmaker had received a rather positive comment from a fan on twitter. “You’re already rich..Your hard work is an unforgettable inspiration. I respect you man,May the good Lord be with YOU.,” tweeted the fan who he thanked for the message.

“Just realized I ain’t made M’s yet but dis lil money ain’t bad for a kid like me from nowhere,” tweeted Emtee. The rapper showed that he is mostly about the Music and not the M’s. Emtee went on tweet “I ain’t in it for money. Jus wanna be heard,” which some of  his fans called a lie.

The rapper claims that he wants to be flawless in his profession and then he will focus on getting money.


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