JR Names His Favorite ‘New Kids On The Block’

JR Names His Favorite 'New Kids On The Block'

JR Names His Favorite ‘New Kids On The Block’! In recent times we have seen a lot more SA Hip Hop artists enter the game and make it at a young age. They are all coming in with different styles of making music, giving the game diversity.

JR has worked with some of the new artists in the game like Yanga. JR was in a recent interview with Trace Urban were he was asked about a lot of different things in the industry. “Who are some of your favourite new kids on the block? Any words of wisdom for them? .@JRafrika #AskJR,” tweeted the interviewer asking JR.

“Uhmmm… and are personal favorites. I won’t say words of wisdom here, I’ve said words to them personally. Lol,” responded JR on twitter.

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