Major League Speak On Uthando & Depression

Major League Speak On Uthando & Depression

Major League Speak On Uthando & Depression! The Major League duo dropped their track called Uthando which features Mufasa December last year which preaches self-love and was received well by Hip Hop Fans.

In a recent interview, they were asked why they dropped a song which preaches on self love at a time when people seem to be celebrating a lot and said that it’s because they wanted to let people know that even at that time there were people going through problems. They were then asked if they have gone through depression themselves.

“Even right now, last year I went through anxiety so much because I thought I got to a level were how am I gonna grow even bigger you know. I’m thinking what can I do to expand, how can I grow into Africa, how am I gonna grow into the world. I’m always thinking what’s the possibilities, I get inspired by Black Kofee and for me to be this young and thinking at that level,” said one of the Major League Djz

“I have had those type of experiences in my life but I always try to look past it and try and grow. Try and stay positive that’s what I do,” said the other member of the duo.

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