AKA Reveals Favorites From #TouchMyBlood Challenge

AKA Reveals Favorites From #TouchMyBlood Challenge

AKA Reveals Favorites From #TouchMyBlood Challenge! Following the build up to the release of AKA’s album, the rapper got his fans involved by hosting a challenge for the best album cover. His fans got really involved and made a lot of submissions.

Supa Mega revealed on Monday that he will be picking his top ten #TouchMyBlood challenge posts. “TOMORROW WE DOING THE TOP 10 BABY!!!!! about to wrap up!! We gotta start printing these CD’s nah mean!!!,” read AKA’s Tweet.

AKA finally cut down from the various submissions made picking his favourite from the lot right after he had revealed the Beam Group’s submission. The rapper said that he had initially turned down the submission made by the team responsible for the cover from the Beam Group.

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