AKA Speaks On Cassper’s Comments On Fully In

AKA Speaks On Cassper's Comments On Fully In

AKA Speaks On Cassper’s Comments On Fully In! The beef between Cassper and AKA is one that seems to be never ending. A little while ago we saw AKA drop a snippet of his song called Fully In from Touch My Blood which caused a lot of controversy.

The rapper recently spoke to Slikour On Life were he opened up about the song Fully In. When AKA dropped the snippet of Fully In, we saw Cassper go on to his social media platforms claiming that AKA’s track sounds like his song called Turn Up Gang.

“I think it’s important to remember that I just focus on my sh*t, loosers focus on winners and winners focus on winning,” said AKA. The rapper went on to say that Cassper’s claims and how he went about it was actually ridiculous

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