Check Out Nasty C’s Upcoming Collaboration With Redbat

Check Out Nasty C's Upcoming Collaboration With Redbat

Check Out Nasty C’s Upcoming Collaboration With Redbat! It is undeniable that Nasty C is one of the most influential South Africans amongst the Youth and a trend setter for his generation.

The rapper has a collaboration with the local fashion brand Redbat which has been on for a while now. Sportscene recently revealed their upcoming collaboration by posting some of the merchandise they worked on together.

The range has a number of different products like T-Shirts, denim jackets and sweaters printed Ivyson being part of the wide range. The collaboration will drop on the 29th of June with an exclusive launch event at Sportscene at the Mall Of Africa from 8am.

🚀 Online exclusive: Pre-order Nasty C SA x Redbat 🚀 Nasty C x Redbat is now available online for pre-order. Drops in-store at selected sportscene stores on Friday, 29 June. Pre-order deliveries will be delivered via standard delivery after the launch date of 29 June. #NastyCxRedbat

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