Emtee Makes His Come Back Clean From Drugs

'I'm Sober From Narcotics,' Emtee Speaks On Quitting Drugs

Emtee Makes His Come Back Clean From Drugs! Emtee is undeniably one of the most influential SA Hip Hop artists in the industry with a huge fanbase.

The rapper went through what was a rather embarrassing episode after he fell performing on stage which was ruled off by most fans and some celebrities as a result of drug abuse. The ATM boss then went quiet for a while on his social media platforms after dropping “Than You” which is currently the second most played song in the country.

“I’m now sober from ALL Narcotics. I don’t drink alcohol and I’m greatful for all my supporters. I’m back,” tweeted the rapper announcing his comeback onto the scene. The rapper then went onto speak about how he used to make his music high but is now sober.

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