Here Is A List Of Kwesta’s Endorsement Deals

Here Is A List Of Kwesta’s Endorsement Deals! Kwesta is one of the most impactful and influential Hip Hop artists in the country at the moment.

The rapper has been able to bag multiple lucrative endorsement deals over the years. His most notable endorsement deal is the longstanding deal he has with Heineken which has assisted him in bringing 3 international rappers to South Africa.


Heineken has been assisting Kwesta in bringing international artists to South Africa having brought Wale, Rick Ross and Rich Hommie Quan. This seems to be one of the rappers most lucrative business deals yet.


Kwesta revealed that he signed a major endorsement deal with major telecommunications company Telkom earlier this year. He was made the face of their “Free Me” campaign which has been doing groundbreaking numbers for the company.

Urban Art

Kwesta signed a deal with local clothing brand Urban Art which gave the rapper the opportunity to to have his own shoes go on the shelves. The shoe made by Kwesta and Urban Art reportedly sold more than 20,000 pairs before it had been released.


Kwesta was the face of major local streetwear brand Butan. The rapper was a perfect match for the company as it represented the same style that Kwesta has been on for year.

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