Is Emtee At War With Ambitiouz Entertainment?

Is Emtee At War With Ambitiouz Entertainment? After the whole Ambitiouz Entertainment saga, A-Reece spoke about how he knows for a fact that Emtee was not happy at the label.

The two rappers who were close when they were both signed to the label had a fallout because Emtee had supposedly spoken with Reece about leaving. It seems Emtee has now gotten to a point were he has spoken on being unhappy with the label. The rapper went on a rant on Twitter about how he is not making as much money as he would like.

The rapper started by talking about how nobody puts anyone on fully and then trashed SA labels saying they play artists “dirty”. Emtee then revealed the reason as to why he hasn’t dropped an episode of the ATM documentary was because he no longer had a camera crew to document their

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