Junior De Rocka Pens Response To Ntando Duma’s Allegations That He is a Deadbeat Dad

Junior De Rocka Pens Response To Ntando Duma’s Allegations That He is a Deadbeat Dad! In an explosive social media post Junior De Rocka took the time to pen an explosive post highlighting some of the challenges in the co-parenting set up. Check out what the musician known for the rap son “Been thinking” wrote in the full post below;

I hate doing this & I had always promised myself I would never empty my laundry in public. But I have to set the record straight now, I had no choice.

I may have difference with the mother of my child (Duma Ntando) But the allegations that I do not support my child are false, malicious and very hurtful to me and my family.

I visited schools, yesterday to donate; computers, install free internet, give stationary, cleaning equipment and lots of other stuff & when people (NOT EVEN MYSELF) post what I’ve done you decide to spoil it and continue with your agenda of making people hate me. 
Anyways, Last year I got served with court papers that I do not support my child, imagine, which prompted me to start sending money via my bank account so it can be traceable. It was like I knew days like these were not so far. For those who have made this their business and took one side of the story and concluded: Here is PROOF that I do support my child (attached are Proof of Payments made into the mother of my child’s FNB account). From Sep 14 2018 to Jan 10 2019 I’ve paid over 20k to her acc (refer to bank statements below). My last payment was 3.5k which was 5 days ago. Isikuphi inkinga?!

Sadly, sending money is the only thing I can do because I am not allowed to see my child even though she’s sent me images of her spending time with her boyfriends WITH MY BABY just to inflict pain. Kubuhlungu n she’s winning this game of fabrication but what about the baby? Bringing different male spirits getting close to my baby is that right? 
But what can I do as men we are expected to bleed inside. 
To even text me and say she’ll go repay my family the money we paid for damages and will change MY BABY’s surname to YOUR MAIDEN NAME – how deep can you knife really go?!. 
Ntando this is not show biz but our REAL lives & good parenting means setting aside our differences for the baby’s sake. Let’s say u win with the lies n I end up down n broke, how will that help our daughter? 
Yaz ncono ngisho kuthiwe “Ngiwukhandakhulu haha” than ukuqanjelwa amanga kuthiwa ngiwu umfana ongondli.

The saddest part is that mina I protect the image of the mother of my child because I understand that she will always be a part of my life whether I like it or not we share a human being together. 
To show the extent of this I have PAID DAMAGES FOR YOU & THE BABY TO YOUR FAMILY. 
In Zulu or as Africans if someone pays damages and respectfully acknowledges their flaws and fixes them that’s the final level form of respect nokuzithoba. Konke ngikwenzile n uwena ufakazi maybe nakini kwakufanele ngicele iProof of payment. 

Nami nginamaphutha like every guy n I will always try to put myself in your shoes … But never in your bed again after all this act and humiliation. I respect you and I begging you – let’s meet and put aside our differences for the sake of our child. If kukhona la engakunyathela khona ngicela uxolo nentethelelo maka Sbahle kwanele manje ibuhlungu lento & nase khaya if brings my family name to shame and disrepute. 

This is my last message about this & I will never ever addess this in public coz sasosobabili when we made the baby & as much as it’s sour now – I can never spite u and pretend as if we’ve never been happy & in-love. I came to you in truth & I’ve kept my word even till this day. 

I’m available to meet and address this PRIVATELY even in the presence of our families or whichever way you’re comfortable I am happy to meet with you halfway. Take care of yourself maka Sbahle n remember what we send to the universe – will come back to us. Love – peace & happiness.

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