Scoop Makhathini “Insults” Girlfriend Online Then Claims Account Was Hacked, Tweeps Roast Him

Scoop Makhathini is currently trending on twitter and it’s not for pleasant reasons, after a shocking tweet he posted of his girlfriend speaking of how much he hates her. He recently went on to twitter again to claim that his account was hacked which means that he was not the one who wrote the tweet.

The tweet read : “You have turned out to be the worst human i have ever met, I loathe you and to think i almost paid Lobola *spits* You are trash.” the tweet was written in Caps his usual style of writing but he said it wasn’t him.

He then posted on the same account saying that his account was hacked : ” Hi Guys thanks for the concern, Someone is using my account details and hacked into my account. This is unnecessary and untrue.”

Tweeps are no convinced that he was hacked they believe that it was just another excuse celebrities like to use when they can’t justify they are online mistakes. A video emerged of the man that his girlfriend was allegedly cheating on him with, which is why most believe that he wrote that tweet out of pain and anger.

Aphelele Peyana

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