Tshego Reveals How Cassper Nyovest’s Team Mistreated Him

Rap star Tshego Koke has gone on to Twitter to expose Cassper Nyoves’s team on how they mistreated him when he merely wanted a simple talk with Mufasa.

On a thread of twitter posts he shares how he felt disrespected, hurt and embarrassed at how he was aggressively shoved aside by Cassper’s manager and that Cassper did nothing about it.

“I was extremely hurt and embarrassed in how @casspernyovest ‘s team disrespected me . I’ve worked hard to get here bro. You know me ,your team knows me . But someone in your team decided to act like he doesn’t . And he did so with the utmost disrespect.

“your nigga / manager or whoever he is to you had no right in pushing me out the way like Ke”mfana nyana . No right at all . And @casspernyovest what shocks me is you didn’t seem phased dawg. Even after the altercation I reached my hand out right in front of you . Apologized for the sake of it so that the bad energies can be cleared. Your nigga didn’t even bother to shake my hand,”wrote Koke.

The Wolfpack rapper further asked Nyovest if he looks down upon him expressing how hurt the whole incident left him.

“What? am I not popping enough my nigga @casspernyovest ?? Am I just another nigga from MTVBase ?? I’m hurt bro . Pelo yaka ebohloko . One day shid will be different. I just hope these type of things stop,” he added.”

While others were feeling sorry for him, others felt he was just seeking to escalate hi brand by picking on someone who’s already at at the top.

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