YounsgtaCPT On Why He Moved From Cape Town To JHB

YoungstaCPT got his name because he was a rapper most popular in Cape Town and how he put shine to the city through his music and culture. In time the rapper decided to moved from the place and headed straight to Johannesburg, Hillbrow.

During his interview with Slikour at the balcony he explained that moving felt like something he needed to do for the sake of his career, he added that being in JHB gave him motivation and inspiration he could use to push himself.

“I think Hillbrow i say Hillbrow because that’s where i based myself in Johannesburg, i think that place also gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration and ignited a fire inside me that i need to continue because in Cape Town i was starting to burn out.

“In Cape Town i was starting to get tired, i was starting to get frustrated not seeing the results and not seeing some sort of a finish line and a goal. When i came to JHB i was here for like 3 months and i could already see some sort of a difference, already see some sort of change,” said the Yaatie rapper.


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