Zingah Continues To Top Charts With New Single ‘Dlala’

Zinga’s single Dlala has reached yet another great achievement as it made it’s way to the Top 5 as the 4th song on the Top 40 Metro FM hot songs. The single dropped on the 15th of March and received a number of positive feedback from people who listened to it.

Dlala is different from most of Zingah’s songs he tested his versatility abilities by introducing a sound that is both African and authentic in its instrumentals. It’s a groove song that people have been evidently loving.

By making it to number 4 out of 40 songs it means the songs is highly popular based on the performance from the digital space, for instance the number of times it has been streamed and downloaded and the reviews it has.

In a few days of it’s release the song also occupied the 4th place on Apple Music Hot Tracks charts. “So uhmm.. #DLALA is no. 4 on the “Hot tracks” on Apple music’s browser‼️🥺😩🕺🏽🕺🏽 wooow 🔥”

Aphelele Peyana

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