50 Cents Accused Of Snitching On A Murder Case

At this point 50 Cent has made rather a lot of enemies in the industry which led to accusations that he snitched to authorities about a murder case.

According to TMZ 50 Cent was in a document in question mentioned as the man who pointed feds in the direction of his old nemesis, Jimmy Henchman for the 2009 murder of Lodi Jackson. To his defence 50 took to social media to share paperwork which assumed that Jimmy Henchman was actually a “Frank Castello” type street snitch himself!

It was alleged that 50 cent called in anonymously to say the cops should be looking into Jimmy as a possible suspect for Lodi’s murder … and allegedly went on to tell cops that he was afraid for his own life in the aftermath. The doc says 50 told cops he’d cooperate with the investigation

“Thing is … we’ve been told the document is a complete fake. Law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of Lodi and Jimmy’s case tell us … the alleged report was never taken, and 50 was never recorded as having talked to officers working on the matter at the time,” said authorities.

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