Dr Dre Accused Of Using Nipsey’s Death To His Benefit Even Though He Rejected Him While He Was Alive

Dr Dre is a man that needs no introduction in the Hip Hop world for his legendary contribution to the genre that has benefited other successful artists. The music producer has lately been accused of clout chasing for acting like he was in Nipsey’s corner when he was alive.

During one of the interviews Nipsey addressed his views about Dre and claimed he didn’t support him on anything although he wante to work with him on more than one occasion.

“What I said about the Dre situation was just me being a real nigga,” Nip said. “It wasn’t like a direct shot. It was just like me speaking what was true to me at the moment. We doing us, and we gonna push regardless of co-signs, help, people coming down dropping ropes. I felt like if I’m sitting back in the game, and I’m watching Nipsey Hussle, and I’m watching Dom Kennedy, and I’m watching YG at that moment developing a situation, I just felt like what I would do — I wouldn’t spend money.


Aphelele Peyana

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