Jub Jub Dug Himself A Grave With The Xhosa Nation For “Overstepping The Lines”

Jub Jub has been owning this week with his name being brought up on funny memes to a number of articles about his new show Uyajola 9/9.

Last week’s episode was so lit it grabbed the attention of the whole of South Africa with others saying he is cleaning the country for playing part in eradicating cheating. It was all fun until he stepped on the toes of Xhosa people by calling them “promiscuous”. A large number of Xhosa people said that he was insulting them and over-enjoying his freedom.

“You guys have never, ever seen this on any South African television, you have never witnessed which you are about to witness tonight. It is crazy, it is ridiculous. I have never seen a nation that is so promiscuous like the Xhosas. I have never seen as well a loving nation like the Xhosas.

“I have never seen a nation that forgives like the Xhosas. I have never seen a nation with attitude like Xhosas and I have never seen a stubborn nation like the Xhosas. In a nutshell, the nation is just too much.” said Jub Jub in his promotional video.

Here’s how tweeps reacted to the video of calling Xhosa people “promiscuous” :

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