Stogie T Won’t Attend Shows That Have No Stake In Hip Hop culture, Here’s Why

Stogie has once again made clear his stance when it comes to entertainment by expressing how he is not willing to attend any show unless it has a stake on Hip Hop Culture.

Stogie is considered an OG in Hip Hop for his rapping talent, dropping lit songs and having served years in the Hip Hop space. He is now even a big part of SlikourOnLife a platform intended to celebrate and give rise to SA Hip Hop in various innovative ways. His views when it comes to Hip Hop are usually respected since they come from someone who knows the game better than most.

On a recent tweet he made it clear that he is willing to associate himself with shows where Hip Hop culture has a stake.

“On principal I am only coming to your shit If it’s owned or co-owned or created or spearheaded by people who have a stake in Hip Hop culture. All that other stuff gets a default NO! Hope you respect that like I respect your choice to be an employee or tourist,” he wrote.

He further added by making an exception to Selimathunzi which he has no idea if it still exists or not. “Unless we ain’t dealing with Hip Hop. Then it’s okay. Still waiting to go on a date with a fan on Selimanthunzi. Does that still exist?” adds.

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