Top 5 Most Powerful Rappers In SA 2019

Top 5 Most Powerful Rappers In SA 2019. From the list of countless rappers in SA there are those who have more impact on the SA community which goes beyond on being just rappers.

By powerful you can think of them as the Avengers squad on the SA Hip Hop space, they are influential and have played part in paving a way for others. Also powerful means rappers who hold high positions in the genre looking from what they have accomplished beyond SA.

Listed below are artists that have placed a huge mark in the media, even received international recognition for their talent and extraordinary work.

These Hip hop stars have been an inspiration to many young South Africans and have helped some of those youngsters reach for their dreams. The power they hold isn’t limited on Hip hop but in media as a whole.

Here are Top 5 Most Powerful Rappers In SA 2019:

Nasty C



Cassper Nyovest

Ricky Rick

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