50 Cent Calls Out Rappers Who Owe Him Money & Orders Them To Pay Up

By now any American rapper knows better than to owe 50 Cent money who makes sure that he goes through lengths to get it back.

The rapper took to Instagram to call out the likes of Don Q, Dave East & Fabulous saying that they owe him some cash he kind of needs paid instantly to for peace’s sake. “That nigga Dave East owe me money, Fabolous owe me money and…Don Q owe me money now,” he said on a since deleted live clip on IG.

Don Q responded to the claims of owing 50 some money through an IG video.

“Man I be partying with this nigga 50 Cent all weekend. We are in the club and this nigga be passing me bottles every 15 minutes, I don’t know how much this shits cost I ain’t spend no money. I just want to make sure I don’t owe you nothing,” said Q in the clip.

“If I do [owe you money], hit me up and let’s clear the tab, I ain’t trying to burn no bridges. I need to be in the TV shows son that you got coming up,” Don Q stated. “Let’s sit down, let’s talk, let’s figure this out. Cash app, wire, whatever you need, let’s solve this shit ASAP. You already know,” added Don Q.

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