5 Things We Learnt About Chance The Rapper On Addiction To Sex and Drugs

Five Things We Learnt About Chance The Rapper from His Interview with Beats1 Radio

1. ​He almost tied himself to some pretty bad deals

Speaking to Nadeska, Chance said he was going to sign a three-album deal with three options for $176 000 and was assisted by a lawyer who he later fired because he charged him $200 for accepting an email.

2. ​His albums are now available on streaming platforms

After some years of his albums only being on SoundCloud and the likes, Chance re-released his three albums Acid Rap, 10 Day and Coloring Book on streaming platforms such as Apple Music.

3. ​He had an addiction

Through his journey as a performer, Chance confessed that he was addicted to partying, drugs and sex and it was at that point that he decided that Acid was integral to making the most free sounding music.

4. ​On tour and features with no money

Chance didn’t make money after going on tour with Donald Glover and did features with no money. He was broke when he was making Acid Rap.

5. ​Forthcoming album and tour pre-booking

Chance launched a pre-order for his next LP due in July and is also offering a. There’s no title or release date just yet, though he previously said it’s due in July. He’s also offering a pre-sale for a forthcoming world tour.

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