Exclusive Interview With Nasty C On Upcoming Album, Strings And Bling Success And Tall Racks Future

Exclusive Interview With Nasty C On Upcoming Album, Strings And Bling Success And Tall Racks Future!

We recently had an opportunity to interview Nasty C about what his current success mean to him, what to expect on his upcoming album, future plans for his record label, social responsibility and so much more. Check it out below.

On The Success Of Strings And Bling

Nasty expressed how amazing it felt to have every song on the album certified. “I didn’t think I could do it. It was not even a goal of mine. But I guess it’s just like with hard work….we worked very hard, everybody knows and the fans have been really supportive,” he said.

On His Upcoming Album, Zulu Man With Some Power

Nasty exclusively revealed to us that he had already been in studio recording new music when he dropped Strings and Bling. “I’m always in studio, when I dropped Strings and Bling I was already in studio working so I’ve been working for over a year now and I had a lot of music. I always have more than four albums in my achieves. I drop one (album) but I have more,” he exclusively told SA Hip Hop Mag.

On The Future Plans For Tall Racks Records

Nasty made it clear he wants to focus on his one artist, Rolene and has been touring with her to help her artistry and creativity. “Right now I just want put a lot of work into the one artist I have (Rolene) and make her dreams come true. I don’t wanna add anybody else…I don’t wanna rush it, I wanna be fair.

On Returning To Rocking The Daisies Stage

Nasty C first performed at the festival when he only had two hit songs…’Hell Naw’ and ‘Juice Back’. Nasty C told us that he was surprised by how fans received him and is looking forward to performing at the festival again at this point in his career. “The diverse crowd, you know…that always helps because I perform different types of songs,’ he said on what he enjoys the most about Rocking The Daisies.

On Social Responsibility

We asked Nasty C about whether he feels compelled to be socially responsible and using his voice to inspire young people. “I feel like I have a responsibility as someone that is influential and I know some kids will do whatever I do. My generation is not a generation that listens, they follow. We see what people do and we do what they do. I felt it was only right that I did something like that to wake them up,” Nasty C said on his recent twitter thread on young people being failed by the previous generation.

On His Friendship With Teddy Max

Nasty C shared how Teddy has been his realest friend having started off as his first ever fan. “He was the only person that really listened to what I said and took my advice and he has just stood by my side since forever.”

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