“Kwesta is one artist constantly working with girls in Hip Hop,” states Rouge

“Kwesta is one artist constantly working with girls in Hip Hop,” states Rouge. The Popular rapper has recently acknowledged Kwesta for being one artist who constantly feature women in music mostly Hip hop.

Earlier this year Rouge spoke about how SA Hip Hop needs saving. She elaborated more on how Hip hop artists don’t feature each other which shows just how there’s along way to go to make best of the genre.

“Hiphop needs saving hey …. We all need to reflect and come back cause its a desert out here. . We barely even feature with one another these days or is it just me, somethings up…. Yea, It’s time to drop.” she wrote.

Last month Rouge mentioned the artists who will feature in her upcoming album including AKA, Emtee, K.O, Busiswa and Kwesta who she recently praised for being one artist who gives chances to women in music. The rapperapper implied that there’s more than can be done when artists feature.

“Kwesta is one artist that is constantly working with girls in music. Especially hiphop. Every girl I’ve seen drop, had him as a feature. I really appreciate that…he makes time for the women in the game. Thanx for recognizing us,” she wrote.

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