LA Police Reportedly Investigates Nipsey Hussle’s Ties To Gang Activities

LA Police Reportedly Investigates Nipsey Hussle’s Ties To Gang Activities. According to a latest report by New York Times Los Angeles Police Department has resumed their investigation on the late rapper Nipsey Hussle ties to illegal gang activities.

The report stated that the police began the investigation around the time Nipsey was alive and if he had any involvement on gangs. The paper further added that the LAPD is examining the rapper’s shop Marathon Clothing store where he was shot dead, the aim is to determine if it was a location hub for gang activitivies or not.

It has been alleged that the police department still continue to dig into Nipsey’s life, business moves, investments, and community expansion plans, including his desire to build an apartment complex.

Nipsey’s death wasn’t enough to give the police reasons stop the search, their intention is to uncover as much as possible. It has been stated that investigating rappers is a norm, although some believe it is an investigation pursued to tarnish the name of the star.

Nipsey was shot multiple times back in March 31 by Eric Holder who later confessed that he was offered over $70 000 by authorities. The case is still ongoing.

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