Rouge Reveals She’s On A “Dry Season” & Explains Why

Rouge Reveals She’s On A “Dry Season” & Explains Why. Dating seems to be hard for women nowadays, could be that they set high expectations or there’s a clash of motives between them and men.

Rapper Rouge has made it clear that she is on a dry season which means she is single and is not messing with anyone.

Most women these days can be single while having a bit of fun on the side, Rouge claims she isn’t one of those women because she was taught to stick to one person at a time. She added that she doesn’t believe in playing when it comes to love .

“The values my parents instilled in me is a trap. Only dated 1 person purely because I’m trying to find my husband not a for now person. No random dates.

Do not believe in hookups, NEVER, wont even kiss niggaz who ain’t my my person. So you know it’s a dry season lmfao,” wrote the rapper.

Back in March Rouge shared a list of the type of a man she wants, a long list which made it hard for any guy to try luck. She mentioned tall, wealthy, fun, romantic etc.

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