Tweezy Shares An Update On His Battle With Depression

Tweezy is one of a few musicians who gathered enough courage to share with fans, friends and family that he was at his lowest battling depression.

Late last month he took to Twitter to share his struggle which raised concern from fellow celebrities and fans. Depression has claimed many lives leading to a name “silent killer” since most people battling it rarely open up. Tweezy’s expression had a number of people come to his rescue.

“I’m currently going though what feels like the worst time of my life. My anxiety and depression is at its peak. I’ve decided to take some away from social media. I need to get myself together again,” he wrote.

When sending a shout out to fans who supported AKA’s LEVEL album which he was a part of he used the opportunity to thank those who have been there to lift him up and help him through depression.

“The love you guys are showing me is so overwhelming, I appreciate it so much. I live to inspire all those who are inspired. I can’t reply to everyone so I’ve chosen to follow everyone who’s retweeted liked and commented. God bless.”

“I went through a very difficult period of my life a few weeks ago. Found myself battling with depression. I have healed and conquered through the support of my fans and peers. Thank you so much, y’all gave me more reasons to fight this thing. Niphinde nisize nabanye,” he added.

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