WATCH: Nasty C Unleashes His Producing & Editing Skills

WATCH: Nasty C Unleashes His Producing & Editing Skills. Nasty C who now refers to himself as the Zulu Man With Power has unleashed yet one of his abilities in terms of music.

On recent Instagram posts the rapper shared clips of two singles Casanova and Gravy. The songs are in the strings version, and he is the only person behind them being the masterpiece he turned them out to be. He produced, shot and directed them.

The videos he released showing off his extra abilities are part of many including guitar playing and writing dope lyrics. The Zulu Man is hyping up his upcoming EP which is promised to drop in Summer.


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Nasty C is also working on pushing his only artist by far from his label Tall Racks Record Rowlene. People assumed that his label was dying down but he made it clear that it’s not.

“The label is going great and isn’t going anywhere. We are still here, making big moves and committed to it.”

Nasty C added that he has no plans of having any more artists at the moment but to direct all the focus on Rowlene.

“I am not trying to sign anyone else right now. I just want to get Rowlene on her feet and a household name making big hits. There is a lot of talent out there, but we have to get Rowlene up there first.”

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