WATCH: Reason Drop Lit Bars On A #JulyFreestyle

WATCH: Reason Drop Lit Bars On A #JulyFreestyle. Reason is one rapper who is often times praised for his lyrical delivery and he continues to give hip hop enthusiasts reasons to sink into his rap.

The Azania rapper was sure to make clear that he wants to pay Sway In The Morning a visit because he felt he could deliver a killer freestyle guaranteed to set the studio ablaze. There is no telling when he will be making appearance to the show, but he hasn’t been stingy with his art.

Reason gave fans a 26 second teaser of a July Freestyle, the reactions have been nothing but amazing. After all, he has managed to tick the right boxes as a gifted rapper.

As much as he hasn’t dropped any solo song this year, he has been making moves one of them including a show Rhymes and Reasons with only two episodes by far. The show also taps into his insight as a writer, as the host he discusses the rhymes and reasons behind the songs of a particular guest.

Now he has dropped a July Freestyle to keep his fan base at a maximum. It seems the rapper is making it his goal to claim the position in SA Hip hop he feels he deserves after making it clear the he is underrated.


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