AKA Claims To Be One Of The Reasons SA Rappers Can Rap In English, Hip hop fans React

AKA Claims To Be One Of The Reasons SA Rappers Can Rap In English, Hip hop fans React. AKA dedicated this past weekend in dishing out views on his position in South African hip hop including how he is one of the reasons local rappers can rap in English.

AKA is known for expressing controversial sentiments, while most agreed that he is the GOAT who has inspired all other rappers some felt he was blowing too much of his own horn. “I am the reason you can in English,” he wrote.

The statement received a lot of engagements even from fellow rappers. He then added on by stating that he is not really concerned about people who disagree with his facts, anybody who doesn’t agree with me can suck my d*ck,” he added.

Furthermore he made sure to remind people that he is the only rapper who has remained at the top for the longest time in SA hip hop. “I’ve had the longest run at the top in SA hip Hop industry.”

Also the rapper was dubbed the first SA English hip hop artist to go platinum. There’s no denying he has achieved so much, in addition he stated how he wrote his first lyrics in 2002. “I’ve dedicated 17 years of my life straight, no break…to making music.”

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Aphelele Peyana

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