Emtee Reacts To Claims That He Made Ambitiouz Entertainment What It Is Today

Emtee Reacts To Claims That He Made Ambitiouz Entertainment What It Is Today. Ever since Emtee announced his departure with Ambitious Entertainment, people have been making claims that he did himself a favour and that the label lost it’s vital asset.

“Emtee made Ambitiouz Entertainment,” wrote a tweep. The tweet might have been liked over a thousand times but it led to some intense debates. Some fans argued that AE has had or has some top artists such as Areece, Fifi Cooper, Kid Tini and Sjava who have contributed greatly to the growth of the label.

“Bru there is so many talented ppl who were discovered by Embitious ent… And all of them have managed to shine individually outside of Emtee,” wrote one tweep.

Another one wrote that none of the artists aforementioned wouldn’t have been into the AE if it wasn’t for Fifi Cooper.

“All of those people would never have joined Ambitiouz if it wasn’t for Fifi Cooper, she’s the one who bought eMtee and emtee came with Sjava and Saudi,” wrote the follower.

In defence to his statement which enraged some people and led Emtee to react, he said that Kgosi the owner of the label consulted Fifi first to establish the label.

“Kgosi wanted to open a label and approached Fifi, Fifi told him there’s a talented dude he knows which was emtee. Emtee came with the whole STM movement but only Ruff, Saudi and Sjava were signed,” he added.

Emtee responded by saying that the tweep is being forward, “uyaphapha wena” wrote the hustla.

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