“I knock your 45 year old ass out,” Emtee Expresses Fury

“I knock your 45 year old ass out,” Emtee Expresses Fury. On today’s episode of Emtee’s ranting he decided to let it be known to older people that he isn’t scared of them.

Any person who follows up on news and social media knows that rarely a day goes by without the Pearl Thusi hitmaker sharing his honest views about certain things. The ranting has been attached so much to his role in the industry that it made him susceptible to insults. Some people love him for it while others feel he needs to quit using social media, either way Emtee continues to be strong willed and does what’s best for him.

On a recent tweet the rapper expressed without being specific how people use being older as an excuse to ruin other people. He added that he is not afraid and all prepared to “knock” them out.

“Niggas think “I’m older than you” is still an excuse to fuck a person over. Hell naw! I knock your 45 year old ass out,” he wrote.

Looking into what he has been going through the “older niggas” could refer to a number of people included his label boss.

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