Nadia Nakai On Being Overlooked & The Work She Put To Make Her Album A Success

Nadia Nakai Being Overlooked & The Work She Put To Make Her Album A Success. Nadia Nakai has always made it clear how hard and long it took for her to work on her album.

The Femcee has never been as more precise as she was on her recent talk with Cosmopolitan magazine about the whole situation. She said she intended to break barriers with the new album and further added on what it meant to her.

‘Things have been so crazy since I dropped the album,’ she says. ‘My album is definitely me stripping all the barriers – all the restrictions I have for myself,’ she said. ‘It’s just about being completely honest about how I feel about certain things – my family, my relationships and my music. I felt like I was being overlooked in the industry for a very long time, and I think that people will resonate with that feeling.’

She added on how one needs to unlock an emotional side and go through lengths to create what could be considered a hit.

“You need to be able to unlock the emotional side, and be very topical and conceptual about what you want to actually portray in your music,’ she said. ‘You have to know what you want to stand for, and show every element of yourself. That was always hard for me because I was always thinking, “That does not make a hit; a hit is a song you can twerk to!”’

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