Rouge Reacts To Manu Worldstar’s Release Of His Debut EP #YAS

Rouge Reacts To Manu Worldstar’s Release Of His Debut EP #YAS. Last week Manu Worldstar finally dropped his solo debut EP titled Young African Story.

To celebrate the release the rapper hosted an epic party which was attended by Gigi Lamayne and Rouge who sent a heartfelt shout-out to Manu.

The EP is as good as it can be expected, after all Manu Worldstar shines his talent as bright as he can on his music. It has taken him a while to finally release his project, but kept fans distracted with his collaborative singles. Young African Story tells his journey in the most exciting and inspiring way.

Rouge expressed how proud he was of the young rapper and that she is willing to be his greatest support system.

“@Manu_WorldStar I love you so much! I’m so proud of you. You know you always have yo big sis here to support you. YOUR FIRST SINGLE WENT GOLD! INSANE,” she wrote.

Click HERE to download the EP!

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