Wale Furious Over Top 50 Rapper’s List Without His Name & Defends His Title

Wale Furious Over Top 50 Rapper’s List Without His Name & Defends His Title. US rapper Wale has become one of the rappers to express rage on the list released of the Top 50 Greatest Rappers Of All Time. The list had 50 names and his wasn’t in any way included.

The list has caused major chaos on social media evoking emotions from Hip hop fans and rappers mentioned. These lists are not factual but have had a way of affecting people, clearly the fact that they have circulated around the internet is why they got rappers on their feels.

Wale decided to give people a feedback on his resume when he didn’t see his name on the list. He highlighted that he is the G.O.A.T further implying that it’s absurd that he didn’t make the list.

Wale took to Twitter and bluntly stated “I’m one of the greatest rappers of all time . There I said it…”

“Last album had one platinum and two gold singles … I just don’t be talkin my talk all the time cuz I got some things goin on in my head.. but what we not gon do is act like the hits haven’t been comin for ten years . Okurrrr,” he wrote.

“Hey BTS army.. it’s your ol pal Wale again quick favor .. since you guys control the internet .. can y’all tell these ppl to stop lying and saying I’m not one of the greatest of all time . Thanks again guys wherever you are Love,” he added.

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