AKA Mocks The Tweet Nigerians Dragged Him For, Tweeps React

AKA Mocks The Tweet Nigerians Dragged Him For, Tweeps React. AKA has once more proven why so many South Africans admire him. Even in a time where things are serious he manages to sprinkle a little bit of humour.

On a recent tweet Supa Mega wrote a tweet identical to the one he wrote about Nigeria which was about Springboks and New Zealand. He was clearly mocking what he was dragged for, and tweeps couldn’t help but find it funny.

“I really hope the @Springboks beat New Zealand in our WC Opener … it’s a huge rivalry! I’d rather lose to anyone else … maybe even England … than New Zealand … it’s bigger than just Rugby!” wrote Bhova.

The tweet about Nigerians read: “I am hurt man this match was bigger than football. The biggest rivalry on the continent. Why do we always have to lose against Naija at EVERYTHING,” tweeted AKA.”

The tweet about New Zealand was by far one of his most liked tweet. Liked over 16 000 times with over 3000 retweets.

See reactions:

Aphelele Peyana

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