“I’ve been having dark thoughts lately”, Nasty C Opens Up

“I’ve been having dark thoughts lately”, Nasty C Opens Up. It’s not every week one comes across a social media ranting from celebrities who pride themselves from being closed-off. Nasty C shocked everyone when he opened up.

The Hell Naw rapper was evidently having an emotional moment which resulted in him expressing himself on Twitter. He spoke deeply about vengeance, having dark thoughts and not giving a “f*ck” about certain people. It sounded like it was directed at a particular person but he made clear that the message is for all those who’ve wronged him.

“Been having dark thoughts lately, vengeance been the only thing on my mind. I know I’m sposed to “turn the other cheek” but I only have 2.. if you kno you wronged me more than twice, Fuck you & everybody you love,” wrote Nasty.

At first it was assumed that he scribbled song lyrics then it dawned on everyone that he is human despite his humble personality.

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Aphelele Peyana

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