Reason’s Views On How Only Radio Airplays Grew Heavy K’s Brand Leads To A Quarrel

Reason’s Views On How Only Radio Airplays Grew Heavy K’s Brand Leads To A Quarrel. At this point it would be fitting to compare Reason to 50 Cent for how he freely expresses himself.

The July Freestyle rapper advised young people on what they can do to grow their brands. It was all good until he mentioned Heavy K. He stated that Radio grew Heavy K to the brand that he is now.

“Worst example. Radio made heavy K guy. I’m asking you who was discovered and completely blew up off the internet. You had a better chance saying Killer Kau. Either way. My point remains. Grow your brand slowly. On the ground and the internet. Don’t try be famous in a day.”

Responding to Reason’s comment the Inde hit-maker said that he has respect for the rapper, but he must stop talking about things he doesn’t know.

“Radio made who? I respect you but Ey sanuthetha izinto eningazazi,”wrote Heavy. The Azania rapper went on to clarify on what he meant by what he said about Heavy K.

“Heavy. With all due respect. I’m talking about the tools you had that allowed you to get your work out. I’m explain to him that you weren’t solely made by internet. You had Radio to allow your music to get to the whole country. Did this come across as a diss?”

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