Solo Drops Last Single ‘Finale Date’ Prior Album Release

Solo Drops Last Single ‘Finale Date’ Prior Album Release. Solo has dropped a new and last single following up to the release of his album titled Finale Date.

This here is the second single from the rapper this year, the first one is titled Two By Two featuring Buks. It has been quite a journey for Solo but he is ready to drop his third studio album titled C.PLENTY.DREAMS .

“When #TwoByTwo dropped, I mentioned 4 themes that made up the song. I only made mention of 3 of them. The 4th is a component that #CPlentyDreams focuses on. A very necessary part of striking a Balance. Balance is my new objective. Balance being success,” he tweeted.

Talking about the project Solo said; “Very important because it’s taken a decade to have a sense of structure. It took that long to figure it out for myself. It goes without saying that it wouldn’t have happened without the help of my team. More than anything, my team are the pillars of it all,

“I’ve lived the “Dreams” series (DreamsAPlenty DreamsBPlenty CPlentyDreams) for a decade now. Conceptualized in 2008, I began working on it in 2009.

“10 years later… It gives me great pleasure to announce the #CPlentyDreams RELEASE DATE: 20.09.19 (2009 – 2019).”

Click Here To Download The Single, SOLO – FINALE DATE.

Aphelele Peyana

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