What Da Les Had To Say About The Rape Allegations Made Against Him

What Da Les Had To Say About The Rape Allegations Made Against Him. Da Les is one of the famous men who were mentioned for allegedly assaulting women sexually through #AmINext. The rapper has come forward to share his views on the allegations.

At this point there’s no solid proof on the claims the women have made, which has led to the confusion of whether or not it’s true or aimed at tarnishing images. Most men whose names were exposed came forward to speak out on how everything is false.

Da Les was also pointed by a number of women he has worked with. They said he made a norm of getting drunk with women then take an advantage sexually. In response to the news he said that he can never violate a woman in his life.

“Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I was accused of something so unthinkable and was unable to respond (because the allegations were made by an anonymous source with no specifics).

“The only possible response I can have is that I would never, and have never, forced myself on any woman.

“I am ready and willing to play my part in doing whatever it takes to put an end to gender-based violence,” wrote Da LES.

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