What JR Had To Say About Tshepi Vundla’s Past Abuse Experience

What JR Had To Say About Tshepi Vundla’s Past Abuse Experience. The death of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana came too much as a force leading to a number of women opening up. The shocking part is even female celebrities decided to finally raise their voice and share their abuse stories.

Last week has been an emotional week for South Africans, the rate of Femicide cases has been increasing drastically. While some women are unfortunate enough to die at the hands of men others are lucky enough to live to tell their stories. Media personality Tshepi Vundla was also once a victim to a boyfriend who constantly beat her up.

She recently had enough courage to share the name of the boyfriend, His name is Tebello Eugene Motsoane aka Tibz. This came after a friend of the man wrote a long thread of the incidents on Twitter.

Here’s the thread:

Rapper JR offered a sincere sorry to what the mother of his child and girlfriend Tshepi had to go through. He applauded her bravery.

“I’m sorry baby @tshepivundla. I’m happy you have built up the courage and have found your voice! This has now become yours and many others story to tell, we WILL be held accountable to our actions. WE believe you, WE love you and we STILL support you.”

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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