5 Things You Must Know About AKA’s SneAKA

AKA’s SneAKA collaboration with Reebok is set to change the game as this will be one of the rare collaborations in SA Hip Hop where an artist gets to have their own range of sneakers. Cited as exclusive and limited the range will no doubt sell like hot cakes. This sneaker deal has been labelled as one of a kind and a pacesetter in artist and sneaker brand collaborations in South Africa.

Speaking on the collaboration AKA said ”The last couple of years with Reebok have been amazing, in terms of us making strides in doing things that have never been done before in South Africa. When I started with Reebok, one of my main goals was to really embed myself in the brand to the point that we’re making product together”. He went on to say, “The whole [sneaker designing] process was opened up to me, so I could really see and understand what goes into it. “I think what we’re doing right now is something that a lot of other brands will look at us and think ‘Why didn’t we do that?’ That’s what Reebok and AKA is all about. It’s about being cutting-edge. It’s about being ahead of the pack. That’s why we’re here. This is only the start.”

Here are 5 Things You Must Know About AKA’s SneAKA

  1. AKA made it know that he wanted to have his own sneaker range from the first day he met Reebok brand ambassador in 2014.
  2. AKA was flown to the Reebok Headquarters in the US to work with designers on the sneakers first hand. 
  3. The SneAKA is a highly exclusive limited edition.
  4. Only 600 pairs will be made .
  5. Each box is individually numbered and signed by AKA. Each pair comes with a certificate of authenticity.

If you did enjoy our 5 Things You Must Know About AKA’s SneAKA feature do look out for the SneAKA which will be available for purchase on October 26th at A limited number will also be available for purchase in Reebok stores.

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