Cars South African Rappers Are Driving Right Now

Cars are every SA rapper’s must have accessory and over the years we have seen SA rappers buy BMW i8s, Bentley, Porsche and Mercedes Benz which is a popular car brand in the entertainment industry!


KO recently bought his tour car which he captioned as his show mobile. In a post on social media he said “Show Mobile 🚐. She was an innocent soccer mom car before she met me. Scary hours now”

Nadia Nakai

Nadia previously spotted an Audi but we have seen that she has upgraded to a Merc of late! Nadia raps “Spent a milli on my bus and my Audi,” on Naaa Mean. She bought herself a white Audi A3 on Valentine’s Day 2017. She also owns a mini-tour bus.

Stilo Magolide

Stilo Magolide has a covetable Mercedece Benz with a room top that come completely off

Aewon Wolf

Aewon Wolf bought the VW which he clearly loves and can’t get enough of. In a post on instagram he wrote “I’m loving my new car. Thank you to @hoopers_volkswagenfor putting me on. The T-cross is something special. Let me know if u have any ideas for a wrap I can put on it! #volkswagengang#tcross#hoopersvw

Riky Rick

Riky Rick currently only drives one car and it’s a Porsche. During an interview with talk radio 702. Ricky said “Now I just want one car… I’m driving a Porsche 911… I drive the heck out of it…”

Bandile – Major League

Fifi Cooper

Cars South African Musicians Are Driving Right Now

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