Fans Left In Disbelief After Learning That Sjava Has A Wife Back Home

Fans Left In Disbelief Apart After Learning That Sjava Has A Wife Back Home. Most celebrities keep their love lives private, but what Sjava has done qualifies as the best work of a secret agent.

For years the artist has been in the industry, his love life has been private until earlier this year. It came to the public’s attention that he and songstress Lady Zamar were in a romantic relationship for two long years. There was no telling of what caused the break up but Zamar gave out a few rants which made it she was angry at Sjava.

Fans have now learnt that Sjava actually has a wife from back home. Sjava is a traditional man, who prides himself of his Zulu culture and follows on its customs. He even once shared that he’s a polygamist. Finding out that he has a wife came as a shock but could’ve been expected.

The wife was welcomed on stage by Sjava’s mom during his one man show last weekend.

The reactions below say it all:

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