Kwesta Speaks Of Why He Preferred Nas Over Jay Z Amidst Their Beef

Kwesta Speaks Of Why He Preferred Nas Over Jay Z Amidst Their Beef. Around the time Nas and Jay Z were beefing, whose side would you say you were on?

Interesting enough during the fourth episode of Rhymes and Reason show Kwesta revealed why he chose Nas over Jay Z. The two American rappers were at loggerheads which automatically caused fans to choose sides.

We have seen it with the beef between AKA and Cassper, the one of Tupac and Biggie – fans often felt if they choose one they won’t even bother listening to the music of the person’s rival. Hip hop has often proven to be a bit of a warzone even with all the beauty it has.

Speaking to Reason, Kwesta said when he liked Nas he by default disliked Jay Z. The Ngud’ rapper grew up to like Jay Z because of the content in his music.

He said he liked Nas so much back then because of the rhymes and beats – he wasn’t looking so much into the meaning. Jay Z on the other hand became his favourite when he heard how powerful his lyrics are.

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Aphelele Peyana

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