Prince Kaybee Tells Nasty C To Get The F*ck Out Of Here

Prince Kaybee Tells Nasty C To Get The F*ck Out Of Here

Prince Kaybee Tells Nasty C To Get The F*ck Out Of Here! Nasty C has been a trending topic over the weekend due to his comments on putting an end to Amapiano.

A lot of fans and celebrities shared their reactions to the comments on social media. AKA was rather amused by the comments although he had put out a tweet saying that he hates people who dislike the genre.

Nasty then went on to explain the comment saying that it was just a joke he made because of the love he has for Hip Hop. The arguments that have been going on about the dominant genre between SA Hip Hop and Amapiano have grown over the last couple of weeks with artists weighing in on the topic.

Prince Kaybee recently went on Twitter to share his thoughts on the comments made by Nasty C bashing the rapper. “I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND ARTISTS that say ‘I am going to kill AMAPIANO’,” started the Gugulethu hitmaker.

He then went on to say “So if you do that what must these kids eat, they beat the odds and make a stream of income now you say you wanna kill the genre, get TF out of here. LONG LIVE AMAPIANO”.

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