Stogie T Reveals Why His Album Will No Longer Be Dropping In November As Planned

Stogie T Reveals Why His Album Will No Longer Be Dropping In November As Planned. Working on a album is evidently difficult, at times it seems to take over more time, effort and energy than one was intending to invest.

Stogie T has been silently working on an album he scheduled to release in November 2019. Unfortunately that will no longer be the case.

Taking to Twitter to express the disappointing news he said that the features he scheduled to have on his album caused the delay.

“So… It’s November. Back in Feb I started work on STOGIE T album 2. I finished all my parts in three weeks then went hunting for all the features we wanted. We were happy with the list and we reached out. Everyone we asked agreed but we had to wait. And now it’s November.

“I didn’t want to change my feature list cuz we put some real thought & effort in getting them. They all made commitments to me that they would do it but I don’t have them all. Long story short it’s not ready,” he wrote.

The great news is that he has something great to drop this November, not the album but something enough to keep fans occupied.

“I ain’t missing a season. So 💡 expect something in November… It’s not Stogie T 2nd album. It’s something really special that we cooked in with some new found friends from across the ocean. NOVEMBER I DROP IT.”

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