T.I. Shares His Top 50 Rapper’s List & Explains Why Nicki Minaj Isn’t Part Of It

T.I. Shares His Top 50 Rapper’s List & Explains Why Nicki Minaj Isn’t Part Of It. A few months back people were busy sharing their Top 50 Rapper’s list which caused major chaos. Even though the lists don’t count as factual they still managed to evoke controversy.

Last week BET Hip Hop Awards took place and as expected there were losers and winners, and certain people voiced opinions on who they felt was more deserving of awards and who wasn’t. In the midst of all that T.I dropped his Top 50 Rapper’s list.

Initially the rapper didn’t have Nicki Minaj on his list, when asked he said it was either Nicki or Lil Kim and he so happened to choose Kim.

“It’s between Lil’ Kim and Nicki [Minaj],” said Tip. “I don’t think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another.” After someone said that Nicki wouldn’t be where she is today without Lil Kim, T.I. agreed. “She [Nicki] is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time and I salute that. Impact, impact, impact.”

“All in favor of Lil Kim? Alright, well, this is unanimous. The entire table voted for Lil Kim. Let her have the slot,” he added.

The list has the likes of Tupac, Jay Z, Biggie, Snoop, DMX, Eminem, Kanye and Drake at the top. To shed some clarity on the reasons behind his choice.


Here’s the rest of the list:

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