Twitter Divided Over Ambitouz’s Post Of Sjava’s Mom On Stage

Twitter Divided Over Ambitouz's Post Of Sjava's Mom On Stage

Twitter Divided Over Ambitouz’s Post Of Sjava’s Mom On Stage! Ambitouz Entertainment has now reached a point were it seems to be in the bad books of most artists and fans.

The label is constantly in quarells with its artists with quite a significant number ditching the label for different ones or going solo. Although there is a lot of talk on the treatment of artists at the label, it always seems that they take care of their cash cow.

Sjava recently hosted a one man show in Pretoria wwhich had a rather huge turn out and sold out days well before the event. During the concert, Sjava brought out his mother to thank his fans which was a heartfelt moment for the rappers fans.

Ambitiouz then went on to share the picture on their Twitter account and received a lot of backlash while some fans just praised Sjava for the treatment he gives his mother.

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