10 Things We Learnt About Cardi B In Her Interview With Vogue

10 Things We Learnt About Cardi B In Her Interview With Vogue

10 Things We Learnt About Cardi B In Her Interview With Vogue! Cardi B is undeniably one of the biggest rappers of our generation.

Coming to fame with her hit single Bodak Yellow which was a remake of Kodak Black’s song, the rapper climbed to the top and has not looked back since. She has also become one of the most followed rappers on social media because of her rather big personality.

Fans are always talking about the controversial rapper. She recently decided to give away her personal gems in a recent interview with Vogue in a segment of 73 Questions With Cardi B. We have made a list of 10 of the most notable things that Cardi B revealed in the interview.

1. Cardi B was raised in the Bronx in New York City and finds the place special because “if you can make it in The Bronx you can make it anywhere”

2. The Bodak Yellow hit maker apologised for wanting to be pregnant because her fans still want her to go on tour and wouldn’t be able to do it if she is pregnant.

3. She hates it when people ask her about her butt since she got a implants

4. Cardi wants to talk about popular trendy topics and loves to debate about it.

5. She said that she cannot choose which one of her songs is her favorite because she considers all of them to be her babies.

6. The rapper grew up listening to Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, Ja Rule and Murder Inc whilst she was still in the Bronx.

7. Cardi B said that she still gets nervous everytime she meets Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga despite having met them numerous times.

8. She said that the one thing that kept her going is her desire to have children. Cardi then went on to say that she wants to be able to spoil her kids.

9. Cardi B said that her guilty pleasure is smelling her own f*rt.

10. The rapper said that she loves that she feels secure around her husband Offset.

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